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Emotional intelligence jeremie saintvil

How You Can Strengthen Your Intuitive Powers

Intelligence. It’s easy to spot the well-known forms. Your friend works at lightning speed to complete a puzzle. Your father is fluent in multiple languages. You sister picks up musical instruments and seems to effortlessly understand how to play them.

All these forms of intellect–spatial, linguistic, musical intelligence–are commonly taught and exemplified as ways we grow and develop skills as humans. But what about emotional intelligence? We spend our lives connecting, working, and building relationships with others. Why not work to further develop this important skill?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is how we manage our emotions and how we use those feelings to interact with the world on a deeper level. Emotional intelligence is also the gift of understanding how others feel by observation. This type of intellect is not formally taught in school however, it’s become an increasingly popular topic for study and implementation.

How we manage our emotions can have a significant effect on our success in life. When we’re quick to anger or judge people when negative events occur, we’ll unable to distinguish ourselves as leaders and trustworthy role models. Managing our emotions correctly is a goal we should all strive to hit.

While it’s never healthy to swallow our emotions, it it’s very effective to acknowledge them! When you make the empowered decision to say: Yes, I feel angry because of this situation, you’re not hiding those emotions. You’re in control of them. And you’ll have an easier time moving forward with a rational plan. How can you make the situation better? What can you do to fix the problem? And, if the problem is out of your control, how can you release the stress of situation?

Managing your emotions is all about taking a proactive role in your life.

What Will Emotional Intelligence Grant me?

Aside from managing your own emotions with more control, you’ll learn to understand the feelings of others in more depth. How is this helpful? Whether you’re looking to find your partner in life or you’d like to improve socially at work, connecting with others quickly is an excellent skill to employ.

Emotional intelligence is also a fantastic skill to provide others with a calm presence when challenges arise. When you’re able to translate the emotions and expressions of others, you’ll be better suited to jump in and offer a kind word or suggestion. Don’t underestimate this gift! Often times, these small moments of assistance can prevent a breakdown from occurring.

Think of emotional intelligence as your secret superpower. You’ll be tapping into the powerful energy of others to fuse deeper connections.

How Do I Strengthen This Type of Intellect?

Practice the art of listening. When you’re in a conversation with others, make mental notes of how they’re physical expressions align with their words. Do they look particularly puzzled or worried when talking about a new project at work? Press them on this subject to see if you can get them to discuss their larger fears.

Finally, start to study facial expressions. This is often the best way to understand how a person if feeling, including yourself! How we feel internally often reads on our faces and in the way we hold our bodies. The sooner you understand this language, the better you’ll be at understanding the underlying emotions.

Are you looking to practice your emotional intelligence? Curious to see if you’re a natural? Check out this interactive quiz on the New York Times. It’s a wonderful resource to test your emotional intelligence I.Q.