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Trusting Your Intuition

  If you’ve experienced more than just a few short years on this planet, as I suspect you have, you’ve likely had enough experiences to conclude that trust--real, honest trust--is difficult to gain and very easy to lose. So why, then, are we so hesitant to trust...

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Utilizing Your Intuition

  Now that we’ve got a firm grasp on what exactly intuition is, you might be left wondering the one question that drives the acquisition of knowledge faster and further than any other: “so what?” Often, gaining a baseline understanding of something isn’t...

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The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is real. Every time we speak to God, our words travel to him and he answers us. These answers may not be clear, but know that He is listening and providing you with the opportunity for growth. As we see in Psalm 18:6, “The Lord God Almighty hears...

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